A Fun Edible Necklace Craft Idea, and A Few Reflections on Parties

I love hosting parties with enough preparation and structure that it feels a little more special than usual, but not so much so that it feels stressful. Pinterest-worthy parties amaze and impress me, but the truth is, low-key party vibes are my jam and always will be. 

(But no judgment here—isn’t the colourful tapestry of our differences part of what makes life on earth so interesting?)

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Five Ridiculously Simple Vegan Sandwiches We Love

Many years ago, I was speaking with an older colleague who was intrigued by my plant-based diet but couldn’t wrap her head around one thing: “but what do you put on sandwiches?!”

At the time, I was usually bringing leftovers for lunch or eating take-out, so I was mostly confused by her confusion. Now, I’m a parent, and I get it. Sandwiches, man. So fast to make, easy to pack and eat out of the house, universally beloved, zero brain power required, next-to-zero clean up.

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On Raising Children Vegan

My children have been vegan from conception. I get a lot of questions from people who’d like to follow this path but for one reason or another have been scared into questioning whether it’s healthy. I get it. As parents, we want the best for our children and wouldn’t want to do anything to compromise their health and well-being.

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