Camping While Vegan

Every summer, our family goes camping a few times. We love pitching our tent, spending days at a time outside, exploring new places, and dining in the forest. It’s taken some trial and error, but over the years, we’ve figured out a few strategies to help make packing food and preparing meals—dare I say it?—almost enjoyable. 

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FAQs About Cast Iron

When I was growing up, my family used cast iron pans. Without thinking about it too much, I carried that habit into adulthood—along with one of my parents’ pans (thanks mum and dad). Here are my answers to the top questions I get about why and how I use cast iron.

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How to Cook Beans from Dry

I’m not above canned beans, and I try to keep a few in my cupboards at all times—types we tend to use in smaller amounts, or our fave kinds for those bean emergencies (yes, we have bean emergencies. Doesn’t everyone?)

But there’s no denying that for flavour and price, you can’t beat beans cooked from dry. 

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Eating Well on a Budget

My family is fortunate to be able to afford to eat well without anxiously counting every penny. But early in our marriage, Arden and I went through a period when our cash flow was seriously tight. The easiest place for us to cut excess spending was to eliminate meals out and centre our diets around whole, plant foods (we were already vegan, but let’s just say we’d been doing our part to support the burgeoning vegan comfort food industry). 

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What's in My Fridge and Pantry

At long last, I’m sharing my food staples! This is a top thing people are curious about over on my Instagram. I’ve put off writing it because it feels like it would be so boring for you to read, essentially, my grocery list (peanut butter… oats… are you still awake?) but the funny thing is that I LOVE reading other people’s lists of what foods they stock and consume regularly. I’m definitely that weirdo peeking in other people’s grocery carts, and wondering what they’ll be cooking later and just generally what their personal story is. 

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How to Start Eating Plant-Based

From time to time, I get messages from people wanting to transition towards a plant-based diet and wondering where to start. At first I didn’t know how to answer. It’s so personal! Someone’s food preferences, cooking skill, available time, household composition, family heritage, proximity to groceries etc will all determine how to approach a dietary change. 

That said, I realized that I do have some general tips that I think anyone can use when trying to go vegan, or even simply incorporate more plant-based foods.

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