I’m writing a book! 😱

I’ve always been a major bookworm. Some of my warmest memories from childhood involve biking to the library and coming home with a fresh stack of books—a stack of characters, worlds, conversations, and ideas just waiting to be unleashed in my brain. 

Not much has changed: I’m happiest surrounded by piles of books, I’m considering patenting an essential oil version of a used-book-store smell, and I can only hope I don’t bankrupt my library from my heavy use of its interlibrary loan system. And my scope is wide. Novels, how-to guides, memoirs, ancient texts—if there’s an idea that can be consumed by my eyeballs, I *will* get it in book form.

So it’s with actual, literal delight that I announce I’m writing a book of my very own! It will have words, and ideas, and information, and it will broaden your world, just a little bit, beyond what it was before you cracked that cover! Appetite by Random House thinks I can do it, and now I am contractually obliged to do it!

An actual depiction of me right now, by Michelle Rial via The New Yorker ( link )

An actual depiction of me right now, by Michelle Rial via The New Yorker (link)

When I started this Easy Animal-Free project, my goal was simply to share what my family was eating. I was hearing over and over again from people who wanted to eat more plant-based meals, but who didn’t know where to start. It turns out that I’m extremely passionate about this topic of feeding ourselves and our loved ones, and of approaching it in a realistic way that doesn’t drag us down. In fact, I have enough to say about it to fill a book.

I believe that people are in need of more than just recipes. We also need practical, real-world advice for figuring out what to make for dinner in the first place. We need to understand the principles of creating flavourful, satisfying and nutritionally balanced meals, so that we can go off-recipe or throw meals together from what’s left in the fridge on Thursday. We need our kids to eat their @#$% veggies, and we need to convince our extended family that a meal without meat is still, in fact, a meal. We need inspiration, and we need encouragement. 

This book will include everything I’ve learned about cooking daily for my family. I’m committed to sharing only recipes that my family really eats—real-world tested and family approved. My hope is that you, my readers, will feel inspired to cook regularly, to feel confident and resourceful in the kitchen, to eat more plants, to minimize food waste, and to enjoy delicious and satisfying meals without too much fuss or stress. 

Apparently it takes a long time to write, photograph, edit, design, and print a book, so we’re looking at a probable publication date of summer 2021. Please sign up for my mailing list if you’d like to be alerted to when it’s available for pre-ordering. In the meantime, I’ll still be around here and on Instagram meticulously documenting all the ways I use chickpea flour and other assorted ingredients.

Thanks for being here, for showing me through your readership that you find this a worthwhile endeavour, and for helping me take my bookworm status to the next level. I’m excited (and slightly scared) to create this book and to share it with you.